Munis need hyper efficiency

Get rid of redundancies. Local government accounting staff needs financial software solutions that don’t create more work – they need the power to overhaul processes with automation and get more time back at the end of each day. With live cycle modules, municipalities benefit from innovative features that optimize data entry and management so that your fiscal cycles are smooth, accurate and hyper efficient.

Cure the nagging headaches of aging on-premise software

A tightly integrated system of live cycle software implemented via the cloud is not only the best headache cure, it actually saves a few bucks too. Ok more than a few: 84% of CIOs cut application costs by moving to the cloud. * All those issues with inefficient hardware, overburdened support teams, and general malaise of security hassles can be knocked out with one little green pill – Springbrook Live Cycle Software.

It’s ‘get real’ time

Powerful modules work together to provide you a deep well of metrics, accurate and concise summaries, and visually arresting reports that will make your committee peers envious. Quick queries and drill-downs take you straight to the info source and make it a snap to answer the questions that pepper you for each and every reporting cycle.

“Springbrook is the key for us to do more with less. We couldn’t do what we do without Springbrook.”

Kevin Lewis, Finance Director
City of Deland, FL

It’s time to be a task master

Solid integration means ‘set it and forget it’ style automation of tasks. You can actually reduce overtime by eliminating redundancies and errors by simply reducing the number of steps it takes to manage a large range of recurring activities from invoicing and paying taxes, to payroll and licensure.

* Business Insider,, The Changing Role of the CIO, February 2012,