Tired of overtime and missed deadlines?
More productive financial staff – guaranteed.

Support your financial teams with intuitive and easy-to-use, efficient tools that eliminate costly errors, redundant ‘make do’ data entry and the need for overtime: in fact they free up time, and fuel fast, accurate work.

Did you know: By 2017, 40 percent of utilities with smart metering solutions will use cloud-based big data analytics to address asset-, commodity-, customer- or revenue-related needs.*

Keep focused on profitability. Never sweat the small stuff.

With three powerful suites like Finance, Utility Billing and Payroll to sustain your hardworking office staff – your profitability can only go up. Integrated accounting applications utilize cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency and lower operating costs by solving problems like:

  • Need for additional staff
  • Mounting overtime
  • Redundant entries, increasing time in error management
  • Hidden errors, inefficient processing and mishandling of revenue

Freedom and Flexibility.
Work happens everywhere.

  • Easy to use and maintain. Frees IT staff because you are always running the most current release, authorized users always have easy and secure access.
  • No more struggling with aging hardware. Live Cycle software is an investment that never ages which frees up budget from expensive equipment upgrades and the burden of system failure.
  • Easy-to-use Web Apps. Account apps empower your customers.

“We just love the cloud. Wherever I go I have access to the system. It's the ultimate form of flexibility. Plus, we never have to worry about upgrades.”

Dave Rodenbach, Finance Director
City of Gig Harbor, WA

Old software can be a sieve for districts. Stop the madness.

  • Airtight reporting and tracking means nothing escapes between the source, meter and bill.
  • Features like built-in meter inventory and service order process requires fewer steps to get work done.
  • A firehose of billing efficiencies. From processes that enable bill preview for future bills to online bill payment that puts your citizens on the fast track to electronic payments – this is a no-brainer.

*Gartner Research, "Top Industries Predicts 2014: The Pressure for Fundamental Transformation Continues to Accelerate", October 2013