You deserve better. You do.

You and your team deserve smart, innovative and reliable software solutions to keep pace with current demands of your agency and residents, and more importantly to innovate and evolve your business.

Be more efficient than ever, with rock-solid internal process controls. You’re always asked to do more with less. Now you can truly master budgets, audits and reports with greater ease, using flexible, high-performance financial solutions approach that allow your small team to attack the usual day-to-day tasks with gusto, keep audits and budget cycles ahead of schedule, and still keep an eye towards improvement and innovation.

Automation Saves Time and Money

When you make the switch to a Live-Cycle financial software system, you’ll never have to deal with obsolescence again. Instead your focus will be:

  • Long-term financial stability: it’s easier to be swift and sure with tools that deliver a clear picture of the state-of-the-state handily and with integrity. Check out the Dashboard which is rife with summaries and status reports on demand.
  • Excellent internal controls: remove the manual nature and “time-suck” associated with approvals and tracking. Check out Payroll and HR modules which save time and hassle through automated workflows with reminders and electronic PAF’s.

Your communications count and you can count on precise, reliable information driven by accuracy and efficient power.

  • Full and accurate reporting for Type A’s: the data has to be flexible and accurate. Check out Advanced Reporting Tools that make building standard reports a no-brainer or building a visually-arresting report a snap.
  • Efficiency – doing more with less: wearing many hats has never been easier. Check out our AP module for setting up P-Card integration and recurring invoices.
Advanced Reporting Tools

“Springbrook’s reporting capabilities are very easy yet powerful to use. We have now gone paperless with our reports. This is a cost savings and is beneficial at audit time.”

Tina Wetherford, Finance Director
City of Gainesville, GA

Personalized Views

We’ve got the toys, no - make that tools, to make budgeting easier.

  • Budget builder and re-builder: who builds a budget only once? No one. Check out the General Ledger which makes the entire budget process cleaner, easier and still amazingly malleable.
  • Personalized views: See the reports, information and key indicators that matter to you. Track everything from key budget lines to staff absences to waiting tasks and approvals.
  • Spreadsheets are great and all but after you use Extended Budgeting you’ll kick spreadsheets to the curb. Experience the pleasure of full-featured, scenario-based budgeting without spreadsheets.