Due diligence for districts

Districts can avoid headaches caused by overworked staff suffering through inefficient systems with a solution that automates the key tasks of customer management and financial accounting.

With live cycle modules, districts can benefit from innovative features that optimize data entry and management so that your billing and licensing reconciliations are smooth, accurate and hyper efficient.

Happy Districts

Happy customers mean happy districts

Reduce staff time spent on customer management with VIP processing capabilities and maintenance scheduling at the touch of a button. Set your staff up for success with built-in intelligence for swift handling of credit checks, adjustments, refunds or collections. Take it from some savvy SMBs: 75% of SMBs that use the cloud have experienced improved service availability.**

Instant relief from missed deadlines and overtime

You can actually reduce overtime and improve the bottom line by eliminating redundancies and errors by simplifying steps it takes to manage a large range of recurring activities from billing and paying taxes, to payroll and licensure. Really, no one has to think too hard about it anymore.

Relief from missed deadlines

“I would highly recommend Springbrook Software to any municipality or organization looking for a high quality, efficient and problem free software. We have been a customer for 9 years. Springbrook has exceeded all our expectations.”

Shari Pearce, Village Clerk
Village of Hilton, NY


Highly-tuned integration creates a smooth operation

Integration is the name of the game. From meter reading, outsourced bill printing, IVR, work orders, collections and, of course, finance - your UB system needs to be able to talk to everything. No more double entry. No more balancing problems. It gets the job done faster, easier and better.

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** Microsoft Cloud Trust Study, June 2013