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The Future of IT in State and Local Government

Government IT organizations that embrace the change that is happening, and learn how to operate within this new environment, will come out winners. IT organizations that don’t adapt risk losing value and hampering the transformation of government.

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Cities Increasingly Turn to Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are finding their way into more and more local governments. provides a short article looking at three cities and their mobile app innovations, including Portland, Springbrook's home city.

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Local Governments Embrace Cloud: 5 Benefits

It's not just about saving money (though that's part of it). Local governments are finding a whole range of benefits when they move to the cloud. This short article from InformationWeek has 5 benefits you may not have considered.

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How to Make a Smooth Cloud Transition

This is the second of a dynamic duo of excellent cloud articles published by StateTech. This one gives solid advice based on the real-world experience of Milwaukie County.

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