Online Bill Payment

Every envelope you open and every customer call you take costs time and money. And as friendly as your staff may be, your customers have better things to do than look for stamps or drop by your office. So take the step that will make everyone happier: offer your customers online access to view their account, pay their bill, even report a problem from any location. It makes you more efficient and more responsive.

  • Empower your citizens with 24/7 account access, automatic reminders, alerts and a bounty of choices to make a web payment they are most comfortable with
  • Customers get instant statements, alerts and reminders with plenty of lead time before due date
  • Link from a bill right to web payment of choice and schedule payment
  • Reduce staff time needed for manual handling, processing time and fat-finger entry errors
  • Improve compliance. Reduce late payments, lost checks and avoid the dreaded ‘bounce’ with electronic payment options to suit your range of citizens
  • Reduce customer management issues; expensive tech time to shut off/ turn on late accounts, fewer phone calls, overall less hassle and confusion caused by a lagging paper trail
Billing Online