Payroll Module

We’ve never had a client miss a payroll deadline, and we’re not going to start now. Between key-ahead deduction, benefit and accrual changes, and system workflows that enforce timely submission, you may learn to enjoy payroll day.

No more sticky note reminders on your monitor. Set deduction, benefit and accrual changes to take effect at any date in the future.

Electronic approvals ensure timesheets and PTO are approved quickly and easily. And workflows help make sure that timesheets are complete when you’re ready to run payroll.

Built-in approvals

We’ve got it handled. We don’t just meet the current requirements; we keep our ear to the ground so we know about changes before they happen. In fact, we were ready for the CalPERS overhaul two years before the State of California was.

Includes all federal and state monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and exports, including retirement, unemployment and EEOC.

State and Federal reporting