Online Employee Self-Service

You have better things to do than answer questions about time off or reprint W2s. And everyone else has better things to do than ask you. Everybody wins when you enable your employees to view and manage their own information. Top-flight security and approval processes make sure everything’s done by the book.

Let your employees view their PTO balances and request time off from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere else. Simple, safe and secure.

Help everyone get off the paper trail. With online archives of check stubs and W2s, employees access information anytime, on-demand. Never reprint another W2.

Employee Self-Service

Online timecard entry and approvals speeds timecards to the payroll department. Employees can enter their time from anywhere. Supervisors can approve, even if they’re in the field. And you track everything to see who’s falling behind. That means timecards arrive on time and no more reminder emails from you.

Employees can enter and sign their timecards from anywhere – even their phone or tablet. Easier for them and less micro-management from you.

Employee Self-Service