Human Resources Module

Our Human Resources system isn’t just a great way to manage HR record-keeping. It’s deeply integrated with Payroll to save you steps. Whether it’s making an approved pay change with a single click or tracking PTO balances for an FMLA case, total integration keeps you in-sync and on-task.

Say goodbye to paper personnel action forms. Electronic PAFs make it a cinch to ensure processes are followed in a uniform and timely manner – and better yet they never disappear behind your desk, or in the recycle. And, audit trails make it easy to see the whole history.

Centralize and automate your FMLA tracking. Flexible tools make it easy to manage use and eligibility.

FMLA Tracking

Human Resources is so much more than glorified record keeping. So why are you spending so much time entering data? When a whole department attends a training, you should be able to update all their records at once. With our bulk update features, you can.

Bulk grade/step and COLA tools save you time, effort and eliminate errors. Choose any effective date, even if it’s in the middle of a pay period.

Track and manage employee trainings and certifications. Re-test and expiration dates make reminders a snap. And bulk loading saves you time.

Training and Certifications