Payroll Suite Live Cycle Software

Payroll execution anytime, anywhere. Give your staff a flexible, automated system with extreme ease-of-use, and stuffed full of features that help them work better AND faster. Wow – that’s easy.

Customer Benefits

  • Flexibility to handle practically any deduction, benefit or pay scenario. Even complex FLSA for public safety.
  • Online employee self-service to save you time and give your employees access 24 hours a day.
  • Extreme process automation. Built-in workflow and approvals ensure processes are followed which reduces the complexities and the tedium of things like making sure timecards are approved and turned in on time.

Your needs – met perfectly

Smooth Implementation GUARANTEED. We love implementing – we’re professionals you can trust.

  • Together we’ll build a plan that accounts for the history and type of data to transition, with a training plan that meets your needs.
  • We are a team of experienced consultants who have worked in local government. We’ve been in your shoes, so we know how to help.
  • Proven methodology that scales, a 4-step data conversion process ensures your data is set-up right and ready for go-live.
  • We integrate with an extensive list of 3rd party systems – just ask and we will verify we integrate with your existing vendors.
  • We can integrate your setup in as quickly as 6 weeks, depending on your organization and needs.

Safe & secure

Springbrook's security tools provide a level of customization that our competitors simply cannot match. You get:

  • Powerful, customizable security policies - easy to implement, even easier to manage.
  • Security settings to be applied across the organization, to customized groups of employees or to individual users.
  • Complete control over who has access to every element of the software, from granting general application access all the way down to disabling individual fields and buttons.
  • Accountability assurance in cross-business processes through user-defined workflow steps.
  • Secure yet flexible system where authorized users always have access from anywhere based on permissions and HTTPS connections, and software performance always meets your computing demands.

Partner in support

Our Support Team sits side-by-side with technical and programming staff so we can find answers to deeper, technical questions by asking our neighbor instead of putting a message in a queue.

In fact, say you experience one of the following:

  • Say you run into a situation with overtime or vacation details not updating correctly. “Just roll with it” isn't the answer you'll get from us – we’ll be on-task immediately to rectify the issue so that you can roll on.
  • The next payroll deadline is looming and you're still running into calc. problems with fire department overtime. We've never had a client miss a payroll deadline: we won't let you be the first.

We understand you can't wait 2 hours for help on payroll day. Whether it's answering a simple question or helping solve a more complicated issue, we'll get you back to work quickly.

Flexible pricing – right mix

We are committed to helping you find the right mix of software modules and services to best meet your needs. Our pricing flexes based on your requirements. Clients can get up and running for as little as $6,200 per year ($516 per month). We strongly encourage you to contact us for a little discovery session – we can answer questions and provide no-commitment recommendations.

Request a Quote

We want to work with you to make certain we select modules and data migration plans that meet your needs and fit your budget. You probably have questions and we have answers – please contact us to schedule a quick Q&A or to get more info on how pricing works for your needs.

Flexible, fast and confidential


Flexible, automated payroll features gives everyone a little time back
Our complete payroll suite handles everything from time entry to direct deposit. And by automating your manual tasks you don’t just save time, you avoid errors. That means happier employees and less stress for you.

  • Deduction, benefit and accrual revisions
    No more sticky note reminders on your monitor.
  • State and Federal reporting
    Quarterlies, EEOC and everything in between.
  • Built-in approvals and workflows
    Timesheets approvals are in on time. Really.

Human Resources

Full personnel history at a glance
Track and manage everything from promotions to certifications to disciplinary actions. Our flexible, code-based system enables automated effective dates to easily set and track the things that matter most.

  • COLA and pay adjustments
    Bulk grade/step and COLA tools save you time, effort and eliminate errors.
  • Electronic personnel action forms
    Say goodbye to paper personnel action forms.
  • FMLA tracking
    Centralize and automate your FMLA tracking.
  • Training and certification
    Track and manage employee trainings and certifications.

Online Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees
Online Employee Self-service lets your employees view and manage their own information, empowering them and saving you time and hassle. Rock solid security and approval workflows enable safe and smooth execution.

  • Timecard entry
    Enter and sign their timecards from anywhere – even a phone or tablet.
  • Time off requests
    Let your employees request time off from the comfort of their own home.
  • Online check stubs and W2s
    Help everyone get off the paper trail. Never reprint another W2.

Automatic Overtime

Automate your complex FLSA
Rules-based FLSA overtime simplifies your payroll entry. Employees enter their hours and the system calculates overtime hours and rates.

Additional Features

Retro Pay

figures out retroactive pay changes, so you don’t have to

Online Open Enrollment

lets your employees make benefit selections from home

Online Applicant Tracking

full-featured online job posting just for you

Payroll execution anytime, anywhere. Give your staff a flexible, automated system with extreme ease-of-use, and stuffed full of features that help them work better AND faster. Wow – that’s easy.
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