General Ledger Module

The core of our finance suite, General Ledger embodies our deep understanding of the real world realities of local government finance. Quick queries and drill-downs make it a snap to answer the questions that bombard you all day. Straightforward security settings make it easy to maintain control, and comprehensive audit trails show you that it’s working.

Find the source of any transaction in seconds. Drill-down technology on all screens and reports means you can follow any transaction back to its source.

Always know where you’re at. View your data and search, slice and dice to follow every transaction– even before they’re committed.

Real-time display and query

Report scheduling, automatic imports and recurring journal entries free you from the daily grind. And by eliminating the chance for human error, balancing is a piece of cake. Set it and forget it. That means more time for those projects you can’t seem to get around to – or just fewer weekends in the office.

No need to run repetitive reports. Report publishing lets you maintain control while putting department heads in charge of their own reports. And report scheduling means standard reports are waiting for you when you want them.

Report scheduling and publishing

With Springbrook, your GL is right all the time, every time. Reports all match, and so do the display screens. No “hiccups”. No surprises. You look smart and in control. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

Say goodbye to sprawling spreadsheets. Our basic budgeting makes it easy to enter, adjust, proof and print your budget – including prior years and actuals. Flexible budget formatting lets you choose budget steps and rules.

Financial Budgeting