Advanced Reporting Tools

Clear, concise reports take your big data and turn it into actionable information. Sure, we have a monster library of standard reports, but no software vendor can anticipate your every need. So we give you the tools to create and modify your own reports and queries without learning third party reporting software.

Columns of numbers and codes with subtotals and page numbers may have been good enough for 1994, but people expect more these days. Graphs, charts, color and text. These are the tools you need to communicate. Our easy to master reporting tools let you tell your story, even to non-finance folks.

Perfect for CAFR and complex, presentation reports. Use Microsoft Excel to design your report, including graphs, pictures and text.

Visual Reporting

Sometimes you need a one-off answer (how much did we spend on shipping last week?), and sometimes you need ongoing information (just show me the accounts each month that had more activity than the same period last year). User-friendly query tools make it easy to do both.

Quickly and easily create your own reports based on virtually any field or table in the database without learning a third party reporting tool. Sorting, grouping and filtering data is as easy as selecting choices from a menu.

Make reports the way you want them. Query manager lets you modify and manage standard reports or even create new ones.

Query Manager