Accounts Payable

End-to-end, integrated procurement manages the process for you. Whether you have a centralized purchasing department or share the burden with other departments, our flexible setups let you define your process and set it to work. With options for everything from pre-PO requisitions to direct invoice entry, approval workflows and alerts enforce your policies while providing staff the freedom to do their jobs. And rock-solid audit trails show you that it’s working.

Auto Procurement

Quick scan automatically pulls your invoices in for payment and archiving. No more searching through rows of filing cabinets. And no more environmental guilt.


Why copy data from your payment cards to your invoices? Our P-Card integration automates the process for you. That means less time and fewer mistakes.

Stop entering the same invoices month after month. Recurring invoices lets you define a template once and then simply update the dollar amount with each new invoice.

Recurring Invoices

Quickly and easily create your own reports based on virtually any field or table in the database without learning a third party reporting tool. Sorting, grouping and filtering data is as easy as selecting choices from a menu.