You may have heard… KVS is now Springbrook Software!

Although the KVS name is changing, our trusted products are not and you can find everything you need now on Springbrook Software’s website. Take a walk through our green field of products:

Finance Suite

13 perfectly appointed modules just for the “Type A++”

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Utility Billing Suite

Serving you and your customers with swift and sure ease and accuracy.

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Payroll Suite

Extreme process automation. Smart rules built right-in.

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Happier citizens with 1-click payments, automatic reminders and 24/7 account access.

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Our name has changed, but inside we're still the same.

  • Count on the same friendly faces serving our customers that you've known all along.
  • Find us in the same local spot we've always been - your local Buffalo office

We're looking forward to continuing to serve our awesome clients. May 2015 be a great year.

Need Client Support?

Existing customers, please contact us with any support questions.