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Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Springbrook Software provides comprehensive, fully integrated fund accounting and utility billing enterprise software solutions to local government, utilities and special districts. By developing and supporting stable and effective software, Springbrook provides a foundation for organizations to efficiently manage funds and resources in a rapidly changing environment.


Company History and Services Overview

The multi-million dollar company attributes its success and continued growth to a people-first philosophy; company founders, staff and clients work together to develop and continually improve the software applications. A policy of hiring the "best of the best" in the industry has resulted in a highly experienced Springbrook staff that includes former local government employees with a combined total of 250 years of actual local government employment. The pairing of staff expertise with close client relationships results in exceptional software uniquely designed for the local government, utility and special district markets. With each Springbrook Software product, clients can rely on:

  • High Productivity
    Applications are intuitive and easy to use, resulting in high productivity from employees.
  • Low Cost of Ownership
    Implementation, administration and maintenance of Springbrook's software are cost effective. The database requires no dedicated database administrator; most maintenance and updates can be performed while the database and applications are running.
  • Scalability
    Springbrook's software suite adapts to new employees and accounts, ensuring consistently high performance.
  • Thin and Rich Capability: .NET Framework
    .NET technology provides the depth, security and power of a conventional rich client, while functioning as a thin client application from anywhere, without the need of a browser.

What Makes Springbrook Different

Our integrated accounting applications utilize cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency and lower operating costs. At Springbrook, we believe that providing excellent products and responsive support is the best way to serve our customers. Four key factors to our success are local government experience, our Customer Care program, creating intelligent business solutions and developing technology that works for you.

  • Local Government Experience
    We have over twenty five years of hands-on experience in developing, installing, and supporting software for local government. Many of our employees have worked for cities and special districts, and with this experience comes a solid working knowledge of public sector operations and accounting.
  • Customer Care
    We will always be there for you; from the start of your implementation to support of your day-to-day work; from training your staff to enhancing existing products and developing new accounting applications.

    To learn more, visit our Client Services Page.
  • Intelligent Business Solutions
    Springbrook's enterprise solution has specific tools designed to aid the business professionals in your organization. Examples include our reporting and publishing tools, our e-government services, our business process study, our central search feature, and our disaster recovery services.

    To learn more, visit our Business Professionals Page.
  • Technology That Works for You
    Our technology offers you the peace of mind you deserve when you make an investment in software. The proven power and flexibility of our relational database and the wide choice of operating platforms combine to ensure that you will never outgrow your system.

    To learn more, visit our IT Professionals Page.

Who is Herfie the Cow?

Herfie joined the Springbrook team in 2004. A special edition of Herfie is released each year and clients make it a point to collect and display their herd. As a world traveler, Herfie has attended dozens of tradeshows and visited numerous countries during her career at Springbrook. Herfie enjoys traveling to new places and Springbrook encourages clients to take her on their journeys.


Herfie on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro Herfie at Snoqualmie Falls, WA Herfie on the beach in North Carolina



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