Springbrook is now an Accela company.

Built to serve local gov

We understand your business because a good many of our team have been local government employees. We’ve sat in your seat: we’ve faced your challenges and opportunities. But at the end of every day, when you’re happy – we’re happy. That’s how we roll.

Our culture – stimulation of the senses inside cool digs

With stimulated minds we architect the best damn software for our inner circle – that’s local gov. We provide the best value and longest lasting ROI because we develop Live Cycle software – think of the everlasting Gobstopper. It’s like that – but even better.

Who doesn’t love an amazing view?
We’ve got one and it’s what stimulates our visual senses - often. We stop to behold panoramic beauty when we need to pause a moment, and have a think. Rain (which it does a lot in Portland) or shine, the view from the 19th floor is easy on the eyes.

We stimulate the taste and smell senses with a kitchen space to covet. It’s bright, roomy and stocked with loads of good eats and drinks!

From the ground up

Springbrook was founded in 1985 at the Rementeria kitchen table. While we all know the power of the garage-based start-ups, this one is akin to garage style, and arguably better because we all know in Portland food, startups, beer and coffee fuel one another. Our management team shares a collective view – that government software should make work better through innovation and smart operation. They have years of industry experience in common and an eye towards making Springbrook better every year.

Meet the team

Love the company you work for

At Springbrook we are like family. And some of us actually are family. We think that if you spoil your employees a bit with a comfortable and fun working environment, provide some great Portland coffee, a wide variety of snacks, and an occasional social gathering that they’ll love coming to work more than the average bear.

Available Positions

Get A Cow

When you join our herd, a little ‘Herfie’ is bestowed to become part of your personal work flair. But, getting one spontaneously takes a little work – so if you want one, then click that button over there to find out how.